Federal Enforcement Action on CBD

I am sure many of you have seen a document similar to the one that I have attached below.  The FDA has been sending reams of warning letters to companies that are involved in someway with CBD.  Of the letters I have seen most were sent to individuals operating websites that were offering CBD products on line.  Although I have seen other types of letters where the FDA, after a plant inspection, accuses the maker of CBD products of manufacturing unapproved drugs. 

However, at this point in time I have heard from no one that has been able to confirm that the FDA has taken any concrete steps to enforce the warnings in these letters.
I am well aware that there are scores of arrests, seizures and detentions occurring across the U.S, with regard to CBD. But as far as I know they have all have been done only by state or local law enforcement. I have been told by many people about FDA or other Federal law enforcement actions against CBD manufacturers and operators but all such claims have been apocryphal.  I have seen no positive evidence that even one such action has actually occurred.

If any of you are aware of the FDA or any other federal law enforcement agency bringing any sort of enforcement action against anyone or organization that involves  cannabinoid prodcuts that are below .3 percent THC level please let me know. 

Any information would be much appreciated.  

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